About Me


Linda K Smith

I got into photography purely by accident.  I was a city girl most of my life. The wildlife I saw in my yard in the city were Sparrows, Robins and an occasional Rabbit… nothing to get really excited about.  Then we moved into a country atmosphere near some lakes and my world changed.  The first year I was getting accustomed to my new home, lifestyle, and the new scenic views that just seemed to put a smile on my face.  I was in awe of my backyard and all of the wildlife that would run or fly through it.  One day I was looking out my window, watching nature come alive in my yard, and it dawned on me… my husband had a Canon Rebel XTi camera that just sits in a case. I learned the ins and outs of the camera, took loads of pictures, and had a blast doing it.  I was not only taking pictures but learning about all of the nature that I took pictures of.  Photography has opened a whole new world for me and I discovered that I absolutely love it.

I consider myself to be an all-around photographer. I don’t limit myself to just one category of photography because this world is too big and there is just too much to see and photograph.  I like to have fun taking pictures and to share that fun with the people in which I am taking pictures of.  We all have to have those spit polished and shined family photos but after those are taken I like to capture the real family.  I like to capture the true personality of the family.  If you are a serious family and want serious photos you got it but if you are a crazy family that likes to have fun then I am game and ready to take some photos.


Let’s capture some precious memories and have some fun doing it!